Friday, June 26, 2009

Free Piggy Bank from Suave and Sam's Club

I got this little piggy bank in the post yesterday. I love piggy banks and used to use different ones for currencies from the various countries I would visit. Of course since the introduction of the Euro I didn't use so many but still I have a fondness for money banks particularly the piggy ones. For some reason, without even realizing it, I have bought piggy banks as souvenirs when I've been on holiday. My favorite is a big one I got in Majorca. My second favorite is a little clog one I got in Amsterdam. This is the first one I have got for free though and whilst it is plastic not china it is still cute. A bit tacky perhaps but still cute.
It came from the Sam's Club website but I don't think it is available anymore. They must have only had a certain amount to give out.

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