Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Great deal on Propel water at Kroger

Kroger have been having their mega saver event and this was my favorite deal of them all. I bought a bunch of these Propel drinks last week and after paying the Catalina machine printed out a coupon for $2 off 9 bottles. So, Sunday we popped into Kroger to get a few things and I thought I would use this coupon. I bought 10 bottles which were $0.99 each. Total was $9.90. They take off $5 because these items are part of the mega saver event. Then I handed over my $2 coupon which meant my total for 10 bottles of water was $2.90 or $0.29 each.
Not bad at all.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kroger Mega Saver Event

Kroger are having a mega saver event which they do every so often. This was the first time I actively participated in the deals....mainly because we seem to have spent a lot of money quickly this month and I wanted to stock up on drinks and water.
Basically you buy ten participating products and a $5 discount is taken off at checkout. So, you could buy 10 bottles of SoBe water at $0.99 each and after the $5 discount they are $0.49 each. Good deal huh? Even better if you have coupons to match some of the items. If you have good coupons you can get stuff for free or close to it. I bought a Kraft dressing at $1.69. After a $1 coupon and the discount it was only $0.19.
I got a whole bunch of stuff for bargain prices. My favourite was the 3l bottles of Ozarka water that after discount was $0.49 so I got a few bottles of that for our hurricane ration kit, I got a bunch of the Quaker rice cakes which I love, some Rice Krispies and a bunch of other stuff we needed. The salad kits were all reduced which was good since I'm planning on filling up on salad for the next few weeks.
Oh I almost forgot mars chocolate bars are 2 for $1 with your Kroger card and I used 4 of the free coupons from the Mars chocolate giveaway. The cashier puts them through at the full coupon value which is $0.89 so for $2 of chocolate we were credited $3.56 so the spare $1.56 went towards paying for the rest of our groceries.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Free Photobook from CVS after ECBs

This week at CVS there is a promotion where you can get a Kodak photobook for $7.99 and you receive $7.99 in extra care bucks back effectively making it free. Our local ad says the limit for this is 1 per household but apparently you can actually get 5. The books are only the 6x8 ones which have 10 pages.
You can't make them online unfortunately. You need to actually go into the store but as long as you have your photos you want to use on a flash drive, cd or memory card it shouldn't take all that long to do.
I really want to get at least one. I'm currently making one for my mum online with a different company which will be the tale of when she came to America and of my wedding. The one I am doing for her is going to have about three times as many pages as the one CVS is offering but since I am grouping all the photos together it only makes sense that I make myself a little book as well especially as it won't cost anything (I have $8 in ECBs from the recent sunscreen offer).
It's a nice little freebie and I will make every effort to go to the store this week and get one. It expires Saturday so I have a few days.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Free Starbucks Ice Cream from Facebook

Starbucks are giving away free ice cream on Facebook. They are giving away 800 pints every hour until July 19th. You need to have a facebook account and if you click here you can choose to send a coupon for free ice cream to yourself or to someone else. If you don't get the free one you can get a coupon for $1 off. I got one straight away so it is quite easy. You just need to do it at the top of the hour. My husband loves the caramel macchiato one so this should be a nice surprise for him.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Free movies

We love movies in this house and watch them all the time. Film Metro is a site that offers tickets to film previews normally a few days before the movie comes out. You just have to sign up and click on the city nearest to you and see what films are showing then if you want to go see it you click a button and hey presto you have a ticket for you and a guest to go see a movie. They overbook them so that the theater is full so you would have to go early to make sure you get in. The best time to check is early in the morning because the tickets can go really quickly.
We have tickets to go and see Bruno on Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Old Navy Flag T-Shirts for $1

Another deal at Old Navy this Friday July 3rd. Their flag shirts will be on sale for just $1. I believe there will be a limit of 5 per customer. That is a serious bargain and if they release new coupons on their website that would be an absolute steal.
They are not really my type of apparel but seriously for $1 I would buy a couple and use them as cover ups for going swimming.

edit: Apparently not all stores are doing this sale so it's a bit of a lucky dip. I bet they all go on sale after July 4th though.