Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Free Photobook from CVS after ECBs

This week at CVS there is a promotion where you can get a Kodak photobook for $7.99 and you receive $7.99 in extra care bucks back effectively making it free. Our local ad says the limit for this is 1 per household but apparently you can actually get 5. The books are only the 6x8 ones which have 10 pages.
You can't make them online unfortunately. You need to actually go into the store but as long as you have your photos you want to use on a flash drive, cd or memory card it shouldn't take all that long to do.
I really want to get at least one. I'm currently making one for my mum online with a different company which will be the tale of when she came to America and of my wedding. The one I am doing for her is going to have about three times as many pages as the one CVS is offering but since I am grouping all the photos together it only makes sense that I make myself a little book as well especially as it won't cost anything (I have $8 in ECBs from the recent sunscreen offer).
It's a nice little freebie and I will make every effort to go to the store this week and get one. It expires Saturday so I have a few days.

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