Monday, July 20, 2009

Kroger Mega Saver Event

Kroger are having a mega saver event which they do every so often. This was the first time I actively participated in the deals....mainly because we seem to have spent a lot of money quickly this month and I wanted to stock up on drinks and water.
Basically you buy ten participating products and a $5 discount is taken off at checkout. So, you could buy 10 bottles of SoBe water at $0.99 each and after the $5 discount they are $0.49 each. Good deal huh? Even better if you have coupons to match some of the items. If you have good coupons you can get stuff for free or close to it. I bought a Kraft dressing at $1.69. After a $1 coupon and the discount it was only $0.19.
I got a whole bunch of stuff for bargain prices. My favourite was the 3l bottles of Ozarka water that after discount was $0.49 so I got a few bottles of that for our hurricane ration kit, I got a bunch of the Quaker rice cakes which I love, some Rice Krispies and a bunch of other stuff we needed. The salad kits were all reduced which was good since I'm planning on filling up on salad for the next few weeks.
Oh I almost forgot mars chocolate bars are 2 for $1 with your Kroger card and I used 4 of the free coupons from the Mars chocolate giveaway. The cashier puts them through at the full coupon value which is $0.89 so for $2 of chocolate we were credited $3.56 so the spare $1.56 went towards paying for the rest of our groceries.

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