Saturday, November 28, 2009

CVS trip over thanksgiving

CVS have a 3 day sale on Thurs - Sat. We popped out on Thanksgiving morning to get a few bits and since I had a few Extra Bucks for CVS and some corresponding coupons we popped in. I wanted to get the Bic Soleil razor but they were all sold out. Instead I got herbal essences shampoo and conditioner. They were $2.99 get $2 in extra bucks back.
I bought a shampoo and a conditioner and used a coupon for a free shampoo or conditioner on one and a $1 coupon on the other.
I also picked up a king size Snickers bar for 2 reasons. 1 because they are delicious and 2 because they were $1.59 receive $1.59 in extra bucks.
So for the shampoo and conditioner it was $2.99 + $2.99 +$1.59 = $7.57
I used the free coupon $2.99 + $1 herbal essences coupon which gave me $3.99 off the total bringing it down to $3.58.
I then used a $3 extra buck I had from before which made my total $0.63 including tax. I paid this with a small balance I had left on a gift card.

I spent no actual money and I left with $5.59 in extra bucks plus I already had an odd $1 in extra bucks from buying coke a few weeks ago.

We were going somewhere else that morning so when we were headed back we popped into a different CVS and looked for the earbuds that are on sale this week for $6.99 as my iPod ones broke and I have using a pair from the dollar store.
My luck was in as they had a really good stock. I purchased the earbuds at $6.99 using my $6.59 in extra bucks and an odd $0.43 I had in my purse.
I received $6.99 in extra bucks.

Then I went and picked up a Vaseline sheer infusion (which I have ben wanting to get for ages but thought it was too expensive considering I have a bunch of lotions already). They were $7.99 get back $7.99 in extra bucks.

I paid using my $6.99 in extra bucks and a $1 coupon I had from a newspaper insert making my total $0.00. Plus I got back $7.99 in extra bucks for my next purchase.
So, I picked up goods worth $22.55 and paid only $0.43 in cash for them and still have $7.99 in extra bucks to spend.

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