Friday, October 16, 2009

CVS deal from last week

I forgot to post about this great deal I got at CVS last week.
They were doing a special on Dove and Degree products. If you spent $20 you got $10 back in Extra Bucks. I wanted to get some clinical strength deodorant so thought I would take advantage of this offer to get it for a really cheap price as they are normally around $10 each.

I got 2 Degree clinical strength deodorants. They were on sale for $6 each.

I also got a Dove shampoo and a conditioner. These were both $4.49 each.

This made my total $20.98 so I qualified for the deal.
I had completed a survey for CVS and received $10 in extra bucks to spend and I had $4 extra bucks from a previous listerine deal and an odd $1 extra buck so I used these to pay for the items along with a $2 and $1 coupon for each of the deodorants and $1.50 and $1 coupons for the hair products.
This made my actual total to pay only $0.48 which I paid for with a CVS gift card that I had earned through a survey site.

So all in cash paid and I get $10 in extra bucks to spend on a future deal.

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